SBDC’s in coordination with federal, state, local and private sector resources, deliver business management and operations assistance to small businesses. We provide business owners with assistance in business planning, management, marketing, sales, procurement, and strategic planning as well as access to financing. There are eight SBDC service centers in the LA Regional Network that offer low-cost business training and no cost one-on-one consulting services. Please note that each center maintains its own client onboarding process and its own regional workshop schedule.

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Free & Low-Cost Business Help

Each center within the LA SBDC Network provides its own unique calendar of training and no cost consulting services tailored to the needs of their local business communities.

SBDC Services by Business Stage


Existing Business
(Growth Planning)

  • Rebranding and Market Identification
  • Advanced Web Development (Shopping Cart, SEO, Email Segmentation, etc.)
  • Tax and Accounting Preparation
  • Government Procurement and Certification
  • Financial Packaging Assistance
  • Hiring
  • New Employees (available subsidies)
  • Permitting, Product Pricing, Succession Planning
  • Franchise Development 
  • International Trade (Importing/Exporting) 
  • Specialized assistance by industry (e.g. lean manufacturing, emerging technology, retail, beauty, food and hospitality.)
New To Business
(Operations Management)

  • Financial Packaging
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Cash Flow Management and Financial Statement Preparation 
  • Brand Creation and Development 
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Target Market and Customer Identification
  • Marketing Channel Identification, Implementation, and Measurement
(Startup Preparation)

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Projection
  • Exploratory Funding
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • State and Federal Tax Setup and Preparation
  • Web Development
  • Merchant Account Services (if applicable)
  • Franchise Purchase