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What’s the SBDC?     Why Sign-Up?

Here’s How the SBDC Can Help Your Business

What’s the SBDC?

The SBDC, that is, the Small Business Development Center, program is a nationwide program with more than 1,000 service points throughout the country! California’s SBDC program is one of the state’s primary resource partners for small business development with a mission of providing new or exisiting businesses with confidential, one-on-one advising and expert training – at no cost.

Our LA network is big. REALLY big!  Our clients (that’s all the small businesses out there) have access to eight primary service locations and more than 20 satellite location  throughout LA, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. We’re here to help!


You’ll be able to take classes and meet with advisors on a wide range of important topics, including how to access capital, developing business and financial models, creating and implementing marketing strategies, connecting to global markets, and growing your business online, among many others.


The SBDC is not only an incredible resource for information and mentorship, but we also help connect our clients to local business networks, economic development programs and additional grant and local financing opportunities. The U.S. Small Business Administration is our primary source of funding (that’s your tax dollars at work!) and we pass on those dollars to you, so that California’s small business community thrives and grows.


Successful businesses usually have valuable resources and experienced advisors on their team. And now, so can your business! SBDC is here to provide dynamic support, guidance and training to help your business prosper… regardless of its stage. Don’t just take our word for it, check out how we helped some of our clients on our stories blog.

Is the SBDC right for you?

  • Under 500 employees
  • Located in L.A., Santa Barbara or Ventura County
  • For-Profit

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then it’s time to take the next step and contact the SBDC today to see how we can help your business start or grow!

SBDC Client Benefits

No-Cost Advising

Confidential and Tailored to your needs

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Experienced Staff

Develop relationships with our senior-level consultants

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Harness the power of publicity through SBDC’s extensive network

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No-Cost Advising

Gaining access to a senior-level consultant who can guide you through new business issues or strategies for growing  is an incredible advantage. Some larger businesses can afford to hire consulting firms,  but not all firms have the budget. This is where SBDC consultants provide our clients with real value that makes all the difference.

We understand the importance of getting personalized attention from someone who knows the ropes and can give you educated, often first-hand advice. So, we offer individualized and confidential one-on-one consulting to both existing and startup business owners, all you have to do is make an appointment.

Experienced Staff

From CEOs, entrepreneurs, MBAs, Ivy League alumni and Fortune 500 execs, the LA SBDC’s consultants are an incredible team with one goal in mind: help your business thrive.

With this kind of support, you will no doubt feel empowered and secure to proceed with your business decisions. One of our clients put it best,“The SBDC vets their consultants. These are people who understand the business climate. The advice we received was current, manageable, relevant, and competitive. SBDC knows sales. They helped us figure out our value and how to frame our services.”-Somerset Waters, Founder, Pacific Electric Co-op  Thanks Somerset!


Harness the power of free publicity through SBDC’s network of programs, partners, and special opportunities. From pitching your idea to potential investors, introducing you to community lending programs, connecting you with trusted suppliers or vendors or helping you make your next sale – we can help your business thrive.

As an SBDC client and potential success story, you have an opportunity to tell your company’s story across various media. By getting your message out with the SBDC, networking and building your brand our pledge is to position your business for long term growth.

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