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Foreign Direct Investment

The LA SBDC FDI Program assists international companies seeking to locate or expand their business
operations in the Los Angeles region.

The LA SBDC Global: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) program provides essential business technical consulting services to international companies, in partnership with World Trade Center Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Economic Corporation (LAEDC).

This program’s purpose is to help businesses seeking to expand internationally address legal, accounting, real estate, financial, immigration, consulting and other business challenges.

This program is available at no cost to small business owners located in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

Get no-cost, 1:1 advice from international business experts.

Our LA SBDC GLOBAL business advisors can help your small business do business internationally.

Call (310) 981-3605 or click the button bellow to set up an appointment.

About the LA SBDC Go Global – FDI Program

LA SBDC Go Global – FDI Program offers technical consulting services in the following areas:

  • Building an FDI project description
  • Building an FDI business/operations plan
  • Building an entitlement timeline based on the project scope & description
  • Engaging the various regulatory layers with complete applications (zoning, site plan, circulation plan, regulatory approval level)
  • Identifying a location and possibly a local partner (zoning, site plan, circulation plan, regulatory approval level)
  • Identifying the long-term tax implication at both local and international level (local, regional, state and federal tax plan and additional tax implications based on industry)
  • Identifying and analyzing startup cost and ongoing operation cost
  • Framing the legal needs relative to client’s specific behavior operation footprint perspective (immigration, visa, domestic entity partnership, legal structure, and company status)
  • Qualitative determination about the service provider alignment
  • Developing marketing strategies to establish a domestic presence (localization, social media, influencer marketing, 12-month marketing calendar, increasing brand awareness, customer loyalty programs, lead generation and reaching new market segments)
  • Startup business growth strategies (launching in the U.S. market, finding partnerships and clients, identifying online sales channels and distributors, crowdfunding campaigns, and market research)

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