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Learn the basics of limited liability companies at our SBDC LLC Webinars.

Taught by an experienced attorney, each one-hour webinar covers the highlights of this type of business structure, issues to be aware of before forming one, and current developments in LLC law.

Participants who are ready to form their CA LLC today can apply for the subsequent LLC Clinic to receive step-by-step instructions.

About the Business Start: LLC 101 Webinar

In this introductory webinar, we will go over the basics of forming and managing an California LLC.

Specifically, we’ll be covering the highlights of this popular business structure, what is required to form one, tax issues to consider, and AB5 protection.

Get access to LLC Clinic

Attendees of this webinar who are ready to form their LLC today can apply for our new LLC Clinic where to get step-by-step guidance on forming an LLC.

The LLC Clinic includes filing for your LLC and drafting your operating agreement. By the end of the clinic, you will have taken official steps to form your CA LLC.

More information will be provided at the LLC 101 Webinar, register today!

LLC 101

2021 Webinar Dates

The LLC 101 Webinar is offered at no-cost to attendees as part of the programming of the LA SBDC Regional Network.

About the Instructors

Gina Pak headshot

Gina Pak

LA SBDC Business Advisor and Attorney

Liam Moriarty headshot

Liam Moriarty

LA SBDC Business Advisor and Attorney