Top 10 Business Tips

10 Crowdfunding Misconceptions

You’ve heard about crowdfunding. It’s everywhere. You’ve heard about other entrepreneurs raising money to grow their businesses. But if you find yourself muttering any of the following in the mirror, please allow us to share a different perspective on these … Continue reading

10 Tips for Reimagining Your Customer Service

Providing flexibility and friendly service goes a long way, but are you meeting your customers where they are? Do your customer policies benefit you or the customer? What are your customer service objectives? Check out these ten tips to begin reimagining your … Continue reading

10 Tips for Sales Success

In lean start-ups the founding entrepreneurs often function as the company’s salesperson. This can be challenging for those that are uncomfortable in a selling environment. Rest assured, it does not need to be so daunting. Success in sales is no different … Continue reading

10 Tips for Implementing Lean

Lean methodology looks at eliminating the waste from any process not just manufacturing. This includes services and transactions as well. Henry Ford was practicing lean before Toyota made this methodology popular. He didn’t call it lean then, he just called … Continue reading