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Jewish Free Loan Association Offers LA Small Businesses Interest-free Loan

The Jewish Free Loan Association is offering LA and Ventura- based small business owners interest-free loans up to $18,000.

The program is open to US citizens who are residents of LA or Ventura county, are at least 18 years old, and can demonstrate a need for the funds. Borrowers do not need to be Jewish or part of any Jewish organizations to participate.

The core eligibility requirements are a credit score of 680 or greater and 2 guarantors who will co-sign the loan.

Loan funds can be used for any working capital purposes, including home office equipment, customer and employee person protective equipment, office retrofitting to comply with health guidelines, marketing expenses, salaries and benefits, and inventory.

Payments on the full $18,000 loan is $500 per month for 36 months, beginning 30-45 days after funding has been received. There are no fees.

For details and to apply, visit:

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