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EDC SBDC Director: Ground-Breaking Study on How SBDCs Can Best Support Small Businesses Published in Journal of Policy Research, covered by Yahoo

The EDC SBDC’s Director Ray Bowman co-authored a new study on the effectiveness of government-funded economic programs like the Small Business Development Centers in the Journal of Policy Research, Vol 49, Issue 10 (Dec 2020).

Called Even Winners Need to Learn: How Government Entrepreneurship Programs Can Support Innovative Ventures, the study determined that the most successful government-funded programs employ a two-step process.

“The first step is an assessment evaluating a venture’s willingness to commit time to the process; the second encompasses advisor determination of capacity and proclivity for collaborative learning”, according to Yahoo!Money.

The study also determined that there isn’t just one type of business that leans in to learning: successful businesses analyzed in the model included an “extraordinary diversity” of businesses, across a variety of industries.

Bowman’s dissertation included quantitative and qualitative analysis of the services and outcomes of 1,700 SBDC clients over a five-year period and provided the substance for the study’s findings.

Read more about the study:


San Fernando Valley Business Journal:

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