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Dog is Good enables dog owners to express the meaningful relationship they have with their dog. The company sells a large selection of products such as shirts, mugs, and hats imprinted with endearing messages.


Jon and Gila Kurtz began the company in 2007. Over the next ten years, the company struggled to meet the cash demands of a growing business.  They experienced many challenges, such as trying to survive through the recession and losing a major client. The Kurtz were personally funding the company through several high-interest loans. The interest payments on the debt were cutting into their cash flow for operations. They had a demand for their products but did not have the cash to purchase the necessary inventory.


In 2017, they met with Bret Dickstein from the Access to Capital Team, a division of the SBDC located in Long Beach. He reviewed the companies financials and discussed a long term financing strategy. Brett helped them through the process of applying for an SBA loan. In 2018, they obtained $250,000 from the SBA. This allowed them to consolidate their debt to a lower interest rate. It also provided capital to purchase inventory and run the company.


Since then, they have expanded their line to several new products. They now have licensing agreements with several large retailers. Nordstrom carries their pillowcases, and Sketchers will be launching a newly printed sneaker with the Dog is Good logo in the Fall. They also recently signed an agreement with a major medical uniform manufacturer to have their logo imprinted on their line of medical clothing.

The company is now helping others to become business owners. They have launched an Exhibitor Program, which allows startup entrepreneurs to sell their products at pop-up events throughout the country. This has been a very successful program, giving many new business owners a unique product to sell. Between independent contractors and employees, the company has created 10 jobs. All of this could not have been a possibility without the assistance they received from the SBDC.

Here is what Jon and Gila Kurtz had to say about the SBDC: “The SBDC, specifically Brett Dickstein (Access to Capital) helped us do what no other advisors, volunteer organizations, or “hired help” could do previously.  He knew precisely where to go and who to connect with to help us get the funding we needed and pull us out of crisis mode!  I did not know much about SBDC until this point, but I learned they have experts covering a number of different business concerns and a lot of depth of expertise.”

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